we have over 25 years experience in the auto body estimating, appraising and repair business.
the brothers deFillipis are veterans of Thibedeau Auto Body, where Uncle Vito taught them the trade


"Auto Stylists found their framework in their family."

It's automatic. They're brothers. Freddie and Steve Defilippis, new owners of 92 Harbor Street's Urban Auto Body, had the framework long ago. It's the finish, the auto body stylists (sedan-to-souped-up) say they sought. "We worked for our uncle, Vito," front man, Freddie, says of the pair's decades-long prime education at Thibedeau's on Western Avenue. "Everything we know, we learned from him." They learned, the 38 and 35-year-old, respectively, say (no pun intended) by attending the "school of hard knocks" since they were teens. "We did everything hands-on right from the start" Steve, an acknowledged artist in is own right and creator, from scrap metals and car parts, of human masterpieces that adorn his home, says. "We started with our grandfa- ther," his brother adds, "and it was just something we could do and we liked." They like, also, the two working men add, "the fact that you can make a liv- ing with your hands. You can own your own business, make something of your- self, and you can do it all with your hands."

It's a pride, the two unabashedly Defilippis' fans say originated in a "very close family" that has and still supports its newest urban legend. Its closeness validated by mother, Lucia, standing in the office of the fount car garage being cleaned and painted by her sons and "just checking" at still nagging loyalty, despite their pendent move, at leaving their uncle. "We weren't looking to start a business," Freddie says. "This opportunity just came up, and we knew we could do it, knew we were ready." It's the readiness, the two say, 1 ing a combined body of work includes decades of not only fm ing restoration but the paperworl goes along with auto damage. " done this for years," they say. `A have to do is drop your car off, ge a rental, and we'll call you when

"The car is ready." It's a call, Steve says, to pick up an auto whose body is back to original. "We're perfection- ists," the artist says. "We mix and remix paint to get the exact shade, the perfect match. That's important." It's the impor- tance, both say, of the "fully insured and guaranteed" work they do while specializing in "auto body, frame and paint" jobs. "This is what we do," the three language businessmen (N)III ,Iwaking fluent Italian and Spanish. What's going on, in 1 the auto, they say is "on the line" products, state of the art equipment and a sibling synchronization that assembles a door (back-to-the same) door service in the speediest of times. "This is what we know brother body men, who anticipate apprenticing local school talent to learn from their family history say. "This is what we do, and we're good at what we do." It's what they do, and it with Uncle Vito's blessing, a lifetime of experience and a welcome, they say, from Lynn City Hall and Harbor Street neighbors that frames a future.

Everything has gone great." the two say, " and we're here We're ready."

The rest is automatic.

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Steve deFilippis carefully poised as a cobra applying paint in his trademark, artistic physicality. Freddie deFilippis is pensive as he diagnoses a complicated repair.